These aren’t your Grandmother’s documentaries; dry, boring and blah! These films will leave you riveted, informed and yearning to have more, more, more. In a world where big action films saturate the market, our sweet spot is to tell true and incredible stories.

The Starck Club

Starck was the hottest and hippest nightclub of the decade. It was a wonderland of sophistication and the ultimate stimulation for the visual and aural senses. Like Studio 54 the decade before, Starck grew in the international consciousness to embody the overindulgent and glamorous 1980s.

This is the story of the Starck Club, told by the people who built it, lived it, loved it – lost it. From its explosive inception to its eventual crash, Starck symbolizes the phenomenon of the 80s: a decade lived as if there were no consequences.

Produced by Dennis Bishop, Michael Cain, Wade Hampton & Melina McKinnon                                                                                                                   Directed by Michael Cain and Miles Hargrove

Mr. Stanley - America's Merchant Prince

Stanley Marcus' long, colorful, multi-faceted life earned him such titles as "America’s Merchant Prince", "The Melancholy Plato of Retailing", and international recognition as the arbiter of taste during his lifetime.

His genius for marketing Neiman Marcus not only transformed Dallas from a rough-and-tumble cotton market town into a Mecca of high fashion; it changed the face of retailing forever. His is a story that demands telling not only on the page, but on the screen. Set amongst glimpses of celebrities, the fabled Fortnight extravaganzas and "Mr. Stanley's" eye for luxury, this extraordinary man's successful quest to create the ultimate retail experience will come to life, including never-before-seen footage from the vast reservoir of Marcus archives housed in SMU's DeGolyer Library.

Beyond style and exclusion, Stanley Marcus conspicuously sought a culture of inclusion, evidenced by his hiring, philanthropy, international perspective and community leadership. Ultimately, this moving portrait of the man behind "the store" will reveal the glamorous and dramatic relationship between Stanley Marcus, his beloved Dallas and the world.

Produced by Jason Cirone, Melina McKinnon & Mike Mullins                                                                                                                                                   Directed by Mike Mullins and Miles Hargrove

Torey's Distraction

Torey’s Distraction tells the story of Dr. Jeffrey Fearon, a world renowned Craniofacial Surgeon with a focus on the treatment of rare birth defects in children. The film follows three of his patients with Apert Syndrome; Torey Harrah, Emily Hogan and Saige Blotske were born with fused skulls, fingers and toes. Without surgery they risk lifelong brain damage and possibly death. Filmed with love and humor over ten years, the filmmakers provide an intimate glimpse into the transforming powers of science, family, hope and compassion.

Produced by King Hollis & Melina McKinnon                                             Directed by Tisha Blood    

Forgotten Diamonds

"Where were you in your educational journey the day the rebels came to your village?" is the question filmmaker Melonie Kastman poses to the citizens of Sierra Leone. The intent of the film is to educate and evoke a response to the challenges that Sierra Leoneans face every day in their work to rebuild after the utter destruction that took place during a brutal 11 year civil war.

This war effectively decimated the country and destroyed its infrastructure, leaving its people without hospitals, potable water, roads, banks, schools or mail service, but not without hope and a resilient zest for life. FORGOTTEN DIAMONDS communicates through personal stories not only the destruction of a senseless war but the struggles and triumphs they encounter in moving forward to rebuild their lives, and those they meet along the way.

Produced by Miles Hargrove, Jason Cirone and Melina McKinnon                                                                                                                                           Directed by Melonie Kastman

Road to Change

A film designed to help “rebrand” Sierra Leone after an eleven-year war. The filmmakers had unprecedented intimate access to the new President, Ernest Bai Koroma, as they documented the dramatic changes that have transpired in the country under his leadership.

Produced by Melina McKinnon, Miles Hargrove and Jason Cirone   Directed by Melonie Kastman

TV Junkie

A striking video diary of Rick Kirkham, a 48-year old television journalist who at first appears to be living a charmed life. After rising quickly through the ranks from local TV news to a gig as a national correspondent for Inside Edition, Kirkham spends weekdays in New York and weekends in Dallas with his wife and their two sons. But all is not as it seems: While covering drug raids as a TV reporter, Kirkham gets introduced to drugs and later becomes addicted to crack cocaine.

Produced by Michael Cain and Melina McKinnon                                   Directed by Michael Cain