Filmanthropy is philanthropy through filmmaking. Philanthropists and filmmakers are brought together to produce socially relevant and impactful films via the Filmanthropy Fund of the Dallas Foundation. This partnership utilizes traditional and philanthropic business practices to produce and distribute films with a philanthropic mission and inspirational message. The mission of this fund is to produce films that raise awareness and generate funds for a cause. Contributions to the Filmanthropy Fund of The Dallas Foundation are tax-deductible.

Signs of Humanity

Follows artist and SMU professor Willie Baronet as he travels from coast-to-coast buying signs from homeless people while exploring themes that include human compassion and the idea of home.

Mr. Baronet began collecting homeless signs in 1993, and since then this effort has evolved into something much bigger. This practice has become a catalyst for conversations about home, homelessness, compassion, and even heightened his awareness about his own upbringing, home life and relationship with his father.

Produced by Willie Baronet, Judy Gass, and Eamon Downey

                                                                                                                                 Directed by Willie Baronet and Tim Chumley


Nearly fifty years ago, a gunman rode the elevator to the twenty-seventh floor of the University of Texas Tower and opened fire. TOWER, an animated documentary, will share the untold story of that day - when the worst in one man brought out the best in so many others.

Executive Producers Luke Wilson, Steve Eckelman, Pamela Colloff

Produced by Keith Maitland, Susan Thomson and Megan Gilbride       Directed by Keith Maitland

Mr. Stanley - America's Merchant Prince

Stanley Marcus' long, colorful, multi-faceted life earned him such titles as "America’s Merchant Prince", "The Melancholy Plato of Retailing", and international recognition as the arbiter of taste during his lifetime.

His genius for marketing Neiman Marcus not only transformed Dallas from a rough-and-tumble cotton market town into a Mecca of high fashion; it changed the face of retailing forever. His is a story that demands telling not only on the page, but on the screen. Set amongst glimpses of celebrities, the fabled Fortnight extravaganzas and "Mr. Stanley's" eye for luxury, this extraordinary man's successful quest to create the ultimate retail experience will come to life, including never-before-seen footage from the vast reservoir of Marcus archives housed in SMU's DeGolyer Library.

Beyond style and exclusion, Stanley Marcus conspicuously sought a culture of inclusion, evidenced by his hiring, philanthropy, international perspective and community leadership. Ultimately, this moving portrait of the man behind "the store" will reveal the glamorous and dramatic relationship between Stanley Marcus his beloved Dallas and the world.

Produced by Jason Cirone, Melina McKinnon & Mike Mullins

Directed by Mike Mullins & Miles Hargrove

The Man From Wharton

A feature-length documentary exploring the life and legacy of award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Horton Foote. After spending countless hours with Horton, the filmmakers reveal a rich and gifted career in which Horton crossed paths with scores of brilliant actors, directors and producers to make his bold mark on theater and film in both the 20th and 21st centuries.

His work was consistently based on a world he knew inside and out, and the film will explore his remarkable ability to keep that world fresh and timely for seventy years of superb and luminous storytelling.

Produced by Joe Dishner and Don Stokes

                                                                                                                                 Directed by Anne Rapp