Kelly Thompson | Sales

Kelly Thompson oversees sales for M3 Films commercial and educational divisions. At M3 Films Kelly is able to combine his abilities in sales and negotiation with his passion for film and greater causes. 

Kelly has been a salesperson nearly all of his working life. When he was sixteen years-old he discovered a knack for sales while raising funds and donations for the Fraternal Order of Police. After nearly a decade in retail and luxury clothing sales Kelly has transitioned his sales focus to his passion for film and philanthropy.

Kelly studied film and theater in the early years of his collegiate career during which he received a highly coveted internship with Dallas animation powerhouse Reel FX.  Recognizing his strengths in sales and leadership, Kelly honed his studies on nonprofit management and dispute resolution, while continuing to actively pursue his own video projects.

Kelly has held a variety of leadership positions within the community. He served as the Recruitment Chairman for Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.  In addition he led the organization’s Green Initiatives Programs including; “Adopt a Block" and a program to spread awareness of the university wide recycling program to a student population of 36,000.

Kelly interacts professionally with culturally diverse staffs in dynamic situations and he thrives in high pressure situations with strict deadlines.  Kelly is highly enthusiastic and motivated, with a passion for excellence in everything he does. In his spare time, Kelly is a volunteer manager of the youth center at Dallas Life, a homeless shelter.