Michael Goldermann | DIRECTOR

As a child growing up in El Paso, Texas, Michael enjoyed misusing disposable cameras through photographing numerous doorknobs and the family dog! Yet he always felt somewhat limited by single frames. Around the time he turned 10 years-old his passion for photography evolved into borrowing his family's video camera to shoot small short films of his own. 

Michael graduated from KD Conservatory with an Associate of Applied Arts in Motion Picture Production. Under the mentorship of the Motion Picture Production Chair, Dennis Bishop, Michael’s filmmaking dream came to fruition.

Michael has led the M3 Films productions for Montessori Children's House and School and Rainbow Days. He has also been a vital component for the productions on Earth Day Texas, Texas Capital Bank and a variety of others.

Looking to the future, Michael strives to continue broadening the reach of his work and reputation, while enjoying the long-term fulfillment of impactful, artistic collaboration.

Michael is a lifelong Texas Rangers fan, which cements 2011 as the worst year of his life. As a car enthusiast, nothing beats a lazy Sunday detailing his Challenger.