For 12 years, as an independent film production company, M3 Films has performed services from script to screen. Our network extends around the world; we pride ourselves in the quality of our work, the relationships we develop and maintain and the quality of our referrals from existing partners. We are capable of providing a variety of services from consulting to financing and development to post production. Contact us so we can bring your vision to life and most importantly to the screen; whatever the size from mobile to theatrical. 


M3 Films is constantly seeking great stories with a broad reach. We take you through a due diligence process to recognize your project as a business, not just a great film idea! Who is your audience? Who cares about this story? Where will the film screen upon completion? Our structure allows us to participate in projects at any point in the project's evolution from development to post production. 


We believe video can be a driving force in how companies are introduced to new clients, in fostering relationships with existing clients and establishing a larger footprint as experts and leaders within a given industry. M3 Films can partner with your current marketing and branding company or introduce you to our in-house team to help develop video messages to reach your clients. Our work can further your mission and increase your bottom line.


The evolution of music continues to change from generation to generation. However, many of us still cling to a period when music influenced us the most. Whether it be remembering your first dance, first kiss, first concert or last goodbye music influences us every day in some way. We have brought stories from leading bands to the forefront and can do the same with a single song or entire album. We are the team to bring to life your next single, band promo or to document your upcoming world-wide tour.


The Dallas Foundation houses the Filmanthropy Fund which allows for community-minded projects to receive fiscal sponsorship. Oftentimes projects may not appear to have a large market value. However, they can and will have a major impact on the community, whether local, national or global. We help filmmakers reach funding through fiscal sponsorship to ensure their project has the opportunity to reach its intended audience.


Giving back is an important responsibility and one that M3 Films embraces. We believe in paying it forward. We are constantly inspired by serving within our community and hope that we can help share your organization's story to assist in fulfilling whatever current need exists within your non-profit model.


Think about this: you just finished your first narrative script and have taken it through development. The budget is $500,000 to produce your first feature film. You call various family members and ask them to give you $100,000 each. They laugh, and the phone goes silent. Now what? What if you had called to announce the need to raise $10,000 to create a short video promoting your just completed script. The goal being to create a 2-3 minute sizzle highlighting four scenes from the film. The idea is to use this as a pitch video to raise the next $500,000 required to produce your first feature film. We can show you how to crowdfund various stages of your production to realize your dream into a reality!