After 15 years of a prosperous relationship and close collaboration, M3 Films has partnered with King Hollis and Media 13 Studios on a joint venture called Story Reigns. The two companies' SecretSauce™ is embodied in the term: Brand Specific Broadcasting.

What this is -- in the orb of content creation -- is expressing a brands' essential values within a seamless, unified visual fabric. This approach creates meaning and opportunity enabling brands to influence both customers and donors  through the power of broadcast episodic content.

Examples of this work include Children’s Med Dallas, Winstar World Casino and Market Street.

Our SecretSauce™ engages and captivates audiences through episodic, documentary style series programming uniquely crafted for broadcast television or multi-channel digital releases.

Each brand has a defining story.  Our job is to make it REIGN.

Children's Med Dallas

In a day when there is so much technology-- so many innovations -- it is easy to lose sight of the truth which says it is people who must reach out to other people. Our hope does not rest in gadgets or devices but in the hands and hearts of men and women who care.

In a city which influences the nation is a hospital that finds a pathway to save the lives of the vulnerable: Children's Medical Center of Dallas.

Love against chaos. Time versus hope. The lyrical beauty of kindness permeating the walls and halls of a teaching hospital. Giving hope to the little ones, in the morning of their lives.

Media 13 Studios went behind the walls and into the rooms and uncovered the emotional touch points -- the stories of life and hope.  The multi-part series was developed in concert with Children's Medical Center of Dallas.  Each brand has a defining story.  Our job is to make it REIGN. 

Produced and Directed by King Hollis

Market Street

It’s undeniably tough when you’re the new kid in town. In a geographical area laden with national supermarket brands, how does a new kid get noticed? United Supermarket Group of Lubbock introduced a new store called Market Street to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The problem was that few people shopped there. So United engaged Media 13 Studios to solve their brand problem.

Rather than compete with big, entrenched names head on, Media 13 Studios shaped a strategy around the principles of honest and compelling storytelling. “What we found was that people who shopped at Market Street had an emotional connection with the store-- it wasn’t simply a place where they went to get milk, but rather an extension of their lives,” said Lindell Singleton.

Media 13 Studios crafted a series of 53 one-minute films to present the story of Market Street and invited team members and customers to share the deep meaning of the brand. Over the course of five months, Market Street rose from sixth place (out of six supermarkets) to first place.

Media 13 Studios crafted the memorable phrase, “It’s a  store, but so much more” to galvanize the emotional connection between Market Street and its customers. Each brand has a defining story.  Our job is to make it REIGN.

Series Created by Lindell Singleton

Directed by King Hollis and Lindell Singleton


We know what happens to your brain on drugs. An iconic image of a frying egg in an iron skillet seared that into our consciousness decades ago. But what happens to your brain during a helmet-to-helmet collision in a high school football game?  The simple answer is: a lot more than you can imagine.

Doctors from the University of California- San Francisco and a team from Rio Grande NeuroSciences of New Mexico engaged Media 13 Studios to present the story of how re-ordering the conventional treatment paradigm about brain injury could change the future of youth football and youth sports in America.

As Americans, we accept that kids are not going to stop playing football in Texas nor ice hockey in Minnesota. The reality is that these kinds of sports will always create an environment for traumatic brain injury with 1.7 million cases presented to U.S. hospitals annually. A simple challenge manifests:  How do you lessen the impact of the long-term damage to the brain?

Media 13 Studios developed a short film to serve as both blueprint and framework for an eight-part series designed to de-mystify brain injuries and present the new model for treatment called ‘electromagnetic therapy.’

The series is being shaped around real stories of process innovations that make the technology simple to use, the impact of traumatic brain injury on parents and players, the possibilities this could have on returning veterans and a critical examination of pharma-focused paradigm of health care in America.

All of these story arcs are presented through an engaging, influential documentary/reality style. Media 13 Studios is crafting the series around the passion and purpose of the founder, Steven M. Gluckstern, EdD. Each brand has a defining story.  Our job is make it REIGN.

Series created by King Hollis and Lindell Singleton

The Split

Americans love gambling and television. Texans love poker. What happens when you bring them together?  For WinStar Casino, it was a epic windfall resulting in the highest ‘coin-in’ days in the casino’s history while yielding exponential growth in foot traffic.

Media 13 Studios created and launched the 15 episode series. 75 million viewers later, WinStar remains the casino of choice for a new generation of Texans.

Each brand has a defining story.  Our job is to make it REIGN.

Series created by King Hollis.